Recognition of good teaching and progress by new ringers is a key part of the ART approach.

This complements the traditional way of recognising ringers' achievements through the publishing of quarter peals and peals in the Ringing World.

Recognising the progress of new ringers

An integral part of the Learning the Ropes scheme is the recognition gained when a new ringer passes one of five levels building up to becoming a new but competent change ringer. Earning a Learning the Ropes certificate is a rewarding experience, recognising both hard work and success. This achievement can be externally recognised too. If desired, the teacher can submit their ringers' progress to be published nationally in the Ringing World, ART's quarterly newsletter, ART WORKS and here on the ART website.

» Recent LtR Achievers

Recognising innovation in teaching and development of ringers

The ART Awards are a national scheme that recognises the people and groups who are successful in teaching and training ringers and achievement on the Learning the Ropes programme. The teaching awards are open to everyone in the ringing community, not just those who are ART Members.

» The 2016 ART Awards

Applications for the 2017 awards are now closed, with the awards themselves being presented at the ART Conference at Old Basing, Hampshire.

» The 2017 ART Conference

Recognising ART teachers through accreditation

Accreditation is for teachers who wish to be recognised for the quality of their teaching using ART good practice techniques and following ART guidelines. It acknowledges teachers who strive to continually review and develop their teaching in line with ART good practice.

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