Our team of volunteers are vital to the success of ART. Without these incredible people offering their time and expertise ART simply would not exist. If you are inspired to help us, you too can improve the quality of the teaching and learning experience in bell towers up and down the country. Your contribution will make a difference!

Thank you to all our volunteers for making ART happen.

Meet our Volunteers

What does a volunteer do?


BBlandk box

Tony Goodman ...

"My job as Merchandising Bod, is to collate orders forms submitted from the ART Website and send out the goods via the post. The system can work within 2 days with BACs and paypal payments. Once I have the order, I copy your name and address and "paste" it into my Dymo label printer, so caution when you fill it in, if you get it wrong, so will I! "Once complete, I go to the Post Office to send orders on their way. It's not hard work but can get frustrating!"

Rose Nightingale ...

"Tony is very diligent with sending out the orders - which he does from a cupboard in his home - but with the efficiency of an Amazon warehouse! Tony is conscientious, a real pleasure to deal with, committed to getting the orders processed ASAP and always delighted to hear from happy customers. Tony forwards me positive feedback emails so that we get to hear when someone is especially pleased with a booklet or DVD. He also deals swiftly with any customer issues that need resolving.

"When he's not industriously managing the ART shop, Tony seems to be out teaching ringing most nights of the week. He's certainly successful as he regularly orders certificates for his ringers at a diverse selection of towers.

"He is a bit of an ART superstar!"

Richard_Booth.png Marley.png

Richard Booth and Marley ...

Richard Booth has taken on the role of Membership Secretary and amongst other trouble shooting actions has already solved a number of problems surrounding suspended and lapsed members.

Richard is ably assisted by Marley, the Welsh Collie. Richard wasn't planning on getting a dog, but adopted him back in February after finding him lost on the canal towpath. Marley obviously liked the look of Richard and jumped into the back of his car! Marley goes on all the ringing outings and comes to practices with Richard at Marsworth.

When Richard's doing Membership work for ART, Marley usually sits in his basket and supervises - he also comes to the ART Admin Office and the occasional Management Meeting to make sure everything is being done correctly - although he has been known to unplug the wifi when he feels more attention should be paid to him.

The photo of Richard was taken when he was tower grabbing in Beijing, China. He says: "the picture shows me ringing Plain Hunt on One and my striking was excellent! "


Frank Seabright ...

"I have been involved with ART from the very early times. I attended Pip’s second course, March 2010, when there was only one module. How it has grown! I have been involved in various roles over the years being a member of the Management Committee until this year’s AGM. I have worked on our original website “Moodle” and all the spreadsheets which were associated with it, those have now been superseded, hoorah, and we now have SmART Ringer, ART and LtR websites.

"When the first Bellhandling DVD came out I took on organising the sales and distribution now we have a whole shop full of merchandise with Tony Goodman doing a great job. I was asked to start tutoring courses in January 2012 with a Module 1 down in Cornwall. Since then I have run 3 or 4 courses each year both Modules 1 and 2 and recently the new Module 2C. The courses have been spread across the country; Cornwall, Dorset, Wiltshire, London, Buckinghamshire and Herefordshire.

"I am passionate about reversing the spiral of reducing numbers of ringers and viable bands but if we are to do that we have to teach many, many more ringers; they need to be taught well and we need to retain them. Recruitment, training and retention all need revised approaches and I believe that ART helps do that. The core messages must be:

• plan what you are going to do and how to do it
• work in groups and share the load
• small steps and get them right
• regular and concentrated practice"

Graham Nabb ...

"Frank is a busy ART volunteer Tutor and until this year was also a committee member. Frank was part of the initial talks about forming ART and was a great help to the committee ensuring we thoroughly thought through decisions in committee challenging us when appropriate. His expectation of high standards is reflected in a number or areas of ART’s work. He was also very helpful carrying out a number of important but time-consuming IT tasks for us. We are fortunate indeed to have his advice and experience on tap still, and his effective tutoring skills."

If you want to help ART in any capacity then please have a chat with our Chairman, Graham Nabb. We would be delighted to work with you.