Welcome to the world of bell ringing; what an interesting world you've decided to explore. Once gained, bell ringing is a skill for life you'll never forget and can open up a lifetime of experiences and enjoyment.

Learn to ring with an ART teacher

New ringers can be assured that by learning with ringing teachers accredited by ART they will be taught in line with good practice by teachers who adhere to ART policies including safeguarding.

These teachers have access to the Learning the Ropes Scheme; a progressive learning scheme for new ringers. It breaks down learning to ring into clearly defined chunks, giving a sense of progress in developing a skill that in reality can take years to master. In line with many other hobbies and sports nowadays, the scheme celebrates success with certificates and badges. As ringers pass each level, their achievement is recognised in the national Ringing World newsletter, our own quarterly newsletter ART WORKS and on the ART website.

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Talk to other new ringers

The Learning the Ropes facebook group is a closed group set up for for new ringers who are being taught under the Learning the Ropes scheme. In here you can ask questions, talk about what's good, what's hard and what fun it all is. It's good to share things that help as you are learning and have someone to share their experiences with you. Sometimes some of the teachers will help with suggestions if you are finding something rather hard. Get stuck in and enjoy the wider world of friendship between ringers everywhere.

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Find out more about bell ringing

If you want to discover more about the ancient art of bell ringing then there's lots more information available on the internet.

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