There are many ways of participating in ART helping it fulfill its mission to improve the learning experience of new ringers. If you’re interested in ART, then have a look at the different ways in which you can participate. We hope they’ll inspire you to work with us.


Courses and Workshops

Many teachers are primarily interested in the courses and workshops that ART regularly delivers. The day courses associated with the ART Training Schemes are separated into three modules covering teaching bell handling, rounds to plain hunt and elementary change ringing. A range of workshops are being developed which either supplement the day courses or are stand-alone educational courses. » Find out about our courses and workshops

The day courses lead on to accreditation and membership of ART. Accreditation is for teachers who wish to be recognised for the quality of their teaching using ART good practice techniques and following ART guidelines. But accreditation is not just a badge of honour. It recognises all teachers who strive to continually review and develop their teaching in line with ART good practice. » Why accreditation?


ART is a charity run by volunteers. Our success is built on the hard work of these volunteers who work behind the scenes: whether it be sorting out course packs, preparing educational material or developing this website. » Our volunteers

All our courses are hosted by course organisers who work so hard to make every course we hold a logistical success. » Organise a course in your area

Financial Support

Providing and developing the various schemes costs a lot more than the income we receive from the courses (which break even on the day) and merchandising. If you wish to contribute financially ART runs both a sponsorship scheme and a 50:50 club which are vital to the continuation of ART’s mission and objectives. » Contribute financially