The ART Training Scheme offers training, support and motivation to ringing teachers.

New teachers will gain the confidence, techniques and support required to emulate the best, whilst experienced teachers will benefit from the resources and ideas which meet people's expectations of a hobby in the 21st century.

What is the ART Training Scheme?

The approach focuses on breaking down the process of bell ringing into its component parts, giving techniques and background for how to teach each part before adding the sections together to create the whole.

The scheme is based on best practice from the worlds of ringing, other hobbies & education; supplemented with university research findings into how best to coach practical skills. » Discover more about the ART teaching method

Most concepts are not revolutionary and experienced teachers are likely to have seen some of these learning techniques before. However when applied together with an understanding of skills development and coaching they provide a clear and structured process that all teachers can follow at their local practices.

The scheme is much more than a day course; it is the beginning of a learning journey. Each teacher is paired up with a mentor who provides guidance and advice throughout a period of skills development and consolidation supplemented by on-line resources for both teachers and their new ringers. The scheme concludes with a teaching lesson observed by an independent assessor; only after this can a teacher becomes an accredited Member of the Association of Ringing Teachers. » The benefits of accreditation and membership

Accreditation can be achieved through one of two pathways; either as a teacher, or as a mentor. They have equal value and both lead to ART Membership. Select the pathway which is most appropriate to you and your local circumstances.

The Teaching Pathway


Everyone enters the scheme as a teacher. It caters for teachers with no teaching experience to those who have been teaching for many years.

Everyone gets a lot from the course. New teachers quickly learn a range of techniques and skills that give them the confidence to teach and be successful. Experienced teachers refresh and build on their existing skills, which they can bring back to their towers and practices.

The Mentoring Pathway


Some teachers are asked to take on the additional responsibility and commitment of mentoring a less experienced teacher. Mentors provide guidance and support to teachers, complementing their knowledge of ART Training Scheme techniques with their wide experience of teaching and people.

Typically mentors have a large amount of teaching experience and are actively engaged in current teaching, possibly at multiple towers. More and more of our active mentors have gained their experience by teaching using the ART Approach and are already ART Members.

The position of mentor is a responsible one and involves on-going commitment following the ART Teaching Scheme day course. A mentor is expected to work with their teacher to develop and extend their skills and techniques after the course. Mentors also have an important role to play in the assessment of teachers and the submission of data online via the SmART Ringer website.

Interested in taking part?

The ART Training Scheme is available in three modules: the teaching of bell handling; the development of good foundation skills up to plain hunt; and the teaching of elementary change ringing. If you're interested in joining one of our schemes then have a look at the day courses in more detail, including their entry requirements; decide which is the right one for you and then apply. » The ART Day Courses