Our mission is simple; to improve the learning experience of new ringers. We provide training, support and motivation for ringing teachers. We also offer a structured learning programme and recognition for new ringers.

ART teaches, supports and motivates ringing teachers

At the core of ART are its teaching schemes. The schemes start with one-day courses focused on bell handling, development of foundation skills, or elementary change ringing. An integral part of the success of these schemes is the after-course support which allows teachers to put into practice that which they have learned, working together with their ringing mentor. SmART Ringer, our on-line learning website, provides access to educational resources, tools and guidance. Together, mentoring and on-line learning form the backbone of the skills development period in which theory is translated into practice. » A guide to the ART Training Schemes

Accreditation is for teachers who wish to be recognised for the quality of their teaching, using ART good practice techniques and following ART guidelines. Accreditation can be achieved through one of two pathways; either as a teacher, or as a mentor. They have equal value and both lead to ART Membership. » Why is accreditation important?

Every year the ART Awards recognise exceptional teachers who are doing good things teaching ringing. » The 2016 ART Awards

ART supports and motivates new ringers

By learning with ringing teachers accredited by ART new ringers can be assured that they will be taught in line with good practice by teachers who adhere to ART policies including safeguarding. » Find an ART teacher near to you

ART teachers have access to the Learning the Ropes Scheme; a progressive learning scheme for new ringers. It breaks down learning to ring into clearly defined chunks, giving a sense of progress in developing a skill that in reality can take years to master. In line with many other hobbies and sports nowadays, the scheme celebrates success with certificates and badges. As ringers pass each level, their achievement is recognised in the national Ringing World newsletter, our own quarterly newsletter ART WORKS, and here on the ART website. » A guide to the Learning the Ropes scheme

Every year Learning the Rope Achievers are recognised by the ART Awards Scheme where exceptional progress is rewarded. » The 2016 ART Awards

ART encourages group teaching

More and more areas have sufficient numbers to work together on a regular basis - supporting, motivating each other and most importantly teaching. Such local hubs consist of course organisers, tutors, teachers, mentors, assessors and local organisers. At its most formal, an ART Teaching Centre consists of a group of ART Members regularly teaching together using the ART approach and the Learning the Ropes structured learning scheme. The concept of towers and bands working together in groups has many benefits. In particular, ART-based teaching in this environment produces more effective and rapid results, leading to motivated learners, rapid learning to a good standard, spreading the word and easier recruitment. » What's happening in your local area?

ART promotes good practice in legal compliance

ART has developed a set of policies and guidelines that represent good practice in such fields as safeguarding, data protection and health and safety. Following this guidance is not compulsory. Teachers are free to take other action. But if they do follow the guidance they will normally be doing enough to comply with the law. ART Members are expected to follow this guidance. » ART policies and guidelines

The ART approach

The ART approach was developed through the confluence of a number of people's and organisation's ideas. National ringing institutions recognised that the aging population of Tower Captains meant that the old ways of teaching had to change. As often happens at such times, along came individuals who had the knowledge, skills and time to be able to develop a new way. It has grown because it is the right thing being done at the right time. » Development of the ART approach

The Association of Ringing Teachers and its schemes are endorsed by the Central Council of Church Bell Ringers.